Our Mission

The IoT Design Shop is a proof-of-concept experiment for the Fourth Industrial Revolution that is currently underway.

Our goal is to use automation, IoT, intelligence, and digital fabrication to revolutionize and democratize the process of ideation, creation, and delivery.



The IoT Design Shop began in concept as an internal “hardware start-up” within our parent company, Finger Food Studios Inc. in 2014.

At the time, our key area of interest was in connected devices, particularly those leveraging Bluetooth Low Energy with Smartphones as a gateway to the Internet. This fit well within the corporate vision of Finger Food which, at the time, was primarily invested in mobile software development.

One of the initial purchases at the shop was a Makerbot 2X 3D printer, which significantly broadened our horizons to include not only electronics, but the significance of the form factor and design of physical objects.

This cycle of curiousity has continued and taken us on a lot of different and uniquely interesting studies in physical and digital convergeance over the past few years. Today, we support a wide variety of clients both internal and external in a wide variety of areas including digital fabrication, hardware design and production, and the software and firmware that power these devices.



With ongoing support from Finger Food Studios, we are fortunate to be an integrated division of one of the most advanced physical and digital convergence platforms in the world.

Finger Food is recognized as a world leader in Augmented Reality and, in particular, industrial integration of Augmented Reality into domains such as Oil and Gas Production, Industrial Design, Environment and Resource Management, and advanced industrial safety systems.

We have been fortunate to contribute to these initiatives servicing a number of internal clients as they design, develop, and fabricate solutions to the challenges in the industrial AR space. Additionally, we continue to service a wide array of external clients who approach us in our areas of expertise.


The Future

We are specifically interested in advancing and automating manufacturing and production techniques with the long term goal of facilitating automated, on-shore production of industrial, commercial, and consumer goods.

Specific areas of interest to us today include:

  • Digital Fabrication – Continuing to evolve the process to manufacture robust goods in shorter production runs to decrease costs of innovating and bringing highly customized goods to market.
  • Computer Vision – Increasing the intelligence and productivity of our machines and automated production to close the gap between the physical and digital world.
  • Robotics – Taking best of breed IoT sensors and devices and incorporating them into automated platforms to allow robots to understand the physical world in a more meaningful way.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Predictive Analytics – AI is the ultimate consumer of the IoT data sets that we have been able to create. Closing the loop between data generation, analysis, and interpretation is key to enabling advanced forms of automation and an intelligent world.