Feetech Tuna – Open Source, Cross Platform Servo Tuning and Setup Tool for Feetech Servos


We’re pleased to announce that we’ve just open sourced one of our internal tools from IoT Design Shop. Feetech-tuna is a project that we use for commissioning Feetech servos. It allows you to easily read and write the registers on Feetech servos via a simple text based interface. The Feetech-tuna library is based on Python and has been tested on Windows, Mac, and Linux environments making it possible to commission Feetech servos and adjust their registers on all of the common platforms.

Templating System

If you have a robotics project, or something with serial production, you’ll know it’s a pretty tricky thing to always remember to set all the servo registers properly via the interactive interface of the Feetech Windows Tool (FD.exe). Feetech-tuna allows you to create presets for the ID’s and register values you’d like to set the same way each time you commission a servo and then to apply these in one step. We hope this will be useful for projects that require settings to be applied repeatedly to a set of new servos.

GitHub Project

The Feetech-tuna project is available on GitHub along with all the documentation for how to install and use it. You can find it here:


We hope you’ll find it useful if you are an avid user of Feetech servos as we are.

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