DexHand – Open Source Dexterous Humanoid Hand


The Original DexHand Video from The Robot Studio
DexHand + LLMs
Firmware Demo of Hand Tracking

What is the DexHand Project?

The DexHand is an Open Source, Dexterous Humanoid Hand originally created by Rob Knight of The Robot Studio.

The main project site for the DexHand Open Source project can be found at We encourage you to visit the project and check it all out.

Since mid-2023, IoT Design Shop has been contributing to the project in a number of different ways:

  • Hand Production – We’ve manufactured a number of DexHand Builds and created our own remix of a bunch of the hand geometry specifically optimized for printing on SLA (Resin) printers such as the FormLabs Form 2, or Prusa SL1. You can visit our GitHub repo with the custom geometry here.
  • Firmware – We built and maintain firmware for the DexHand V1 that is designed to run on the Arduino Nano RP2040 Connect. It enables Bluetooth Low Energy as well as USB Serial connections to control an animate the hand. Additionally, there is a demo of the hand being controlled using the Google MediaPipe Hand Tracker library included with the project. Visit the firmware GitHub Repo here.
  • ROS2 Packages – IoT Design Shop also built and maintains a series of ROS2 packages for the DexHand v1. These include a description package with URDF for the DexHand, along with RVIZ2 visualizations for simulating the hand. We also have a high level gesture based controller for the hand that connects to the DexHand hardware via a USB serial interface package. And, most recently, we did a demonstration LLM-control package that shows ChatGPT using the DexHand as an output device via the OpenAI API. Visit the dexhand_ros2_meta project on GitHub to get an overview of how to get started using either a simulated or physical DexHand with ROS 2.

If this sounds fascinating – visit the DexHand project at today to learn more!

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