Product Strategy

Bringing an IoT or Consumer Electronics product to market is a complex task. Many of our customers have different levels of interest and aptitude for the many facets of a CE product lifecycle, but more often than not, help is needed in some area.

The IoT Design Shop frequently participates in a variety of scenarios in the product lifecycle process. Augmenting teams as the voice of technical and production considerations is a very typical role for us, as is an ability to provide objective analysis of products and strategic concerns.

We have also taken on the role of an outsourced innovation lab for teams wanting to augment or experiment with existing or new products. This approach can provide a fresh perspective without having to disrupt revenue generation.

Our Philosophy

Frankly, we’ve seen too many projects where a lot of money has been spent on the wrong things, or at the wrong point in a product lifecycle. We strongly encourage our advisory clients to take a pragmatic, focused approach to product development. Our goals are to reduce risk and create the best product possible within time, budget, and physical constraints. ¬†We purposefully work in increasing fidelity starting from creation of proof-of-concept product prototypes, iterating to resolve issues and achieve product excellence, and then applying an intense attention to detail as products approach commercialization milestones.


Trusted Advisors

A number of firms use our team to keep the pulse on what’s happening in the Internet of Things, select hardware solutions for their product development roadmap, or simply to provide an alternate perspective on their product development process. We’re always interested to find out about what folks are doing, and how we can help, particularly in areas of connected devices, short run production, and new IoT product development.


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