Open Source Integration

Open source hardware and software have been key in enabling our ability to rapidly prototype and develop meaningful IoT solutions for our clients.

Platforms such as Arduino and Raspberry Pi have made it possible to create incredible prototypes at low cost, while reference designs from many of the major vendors have created a streamlined approach to developing completely custom designs from the ground up.

Entrepreneurs at all stages can take advantage of these unique ecosystems to fuel their ideas bringing them from prototype to production at a much lower cost than ever before.

Reference Designs

Reference designs provided by our vendors such as Texas Instruments, ARM, and many others have also made it possible to leapfrog the upfront cost of developing proprietary hardware. Contributions like reference wireless designs, firmware stacks, and operating systems make it possible to stand on the shoulders of giants when you leverage them in proprietary designs.

Open Source Hardware

Open source hardware vendors such as Adafruit Industries and SparkFun have also made it possible to quickly find and integrate both the hardware and firmware support for a variety of useful sensors and connectivity options. For many of our projects, getting that first prototype or dev platform can be accomplished with entirely off-the-shelf parts from Adafruit or SparkFun which reduces the barrier to entry by an order of magnutide.

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