Get Ahead of the Game

You have a great idea for a product but don't know how to make it a reality. With device and mobile technology changing so rapidly it's hard to keep up with, (let alone stay ahead of) the technical and commercial trends in this space.

IoT Design Shop engineers, developers, and designers have decades of experience to help you visualize, plan and implement your vision using the right technologies for the application. We provide complete multi-disciplinary expertise in an agile organization that's able to rapidly respond to your timeline.

Getting Started: The Design Process

The Design Big Picture

Our team of hardware and software engineers can quickly convert your idea into a system model giving form to your vision. We'll break down your concept into major system blocks designing the functions and effort to implement. Be it electrical or mechanical design, App development or cloud architecture, IoT Design Shop will build you a technical roadmap to see through any size development.


Prototyping with Makerbot

By investing in flexible technology stacks and in-house prototyping facilities, IoT Design Shop can build proof of concept product demos in as little as a few days. In-house capabilities include 3D printing, electrical assembly & test lab, and inter-operability system testing. IoT Design Shop understands being first to market can supercharge your product launch and our development teams work closely with you to rapidly prototype and refine your concept.

Application Development

Application Development

IoT Design Shop's parent company, Finger Food Studios, is an industry leader in application development having shipped dozens of titles on virtually all mobile platforms. With access to this rich talent pool, IoT Design Shop delivers best-in-class application development capabilities that will exceed your expectations. In-house art resources and our quality assurance team allows IoT Design Shop to provide full cycle application development services and create innovative application experiences for your product.

Cloud Services Development & Architecture

Application Development

Through our parent company, IoT Design Shop offers a depth of expertise in cloud based systems that most application developers can not match. Detailed knowledge of cloud based computing, data storage, and system scalability allows IoT Design Shop to bring your connected device service to a world audience. Integration with Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Spotify, Instagram, etc. is readily available as part of our cloud services.