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Introducing ConnectionMaker

We are extremely excited to introduce ConnectionMaker to the world!

ConnectionMaker uses our proprietary IoT Core technology to provide real-time indoor positioning information. Basically, it is GPS for indoor use. Our technology is built on Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), which allows iOS and newer Android devices to calculate indoor position in real time.

Our cloud services system, Cloud Core, allows ConnectionMaker to share your location and see where others are at the event. Your location is shared when the application is open or when it's backgrounded. We can also expose these services to other Apps, databases, and systems via our web services layer.

ConnectionMaker can be deployed at conferences, exhibits, and really anywhere that groups of people convene in large spaces. Some customers may deploy ConnectionMaker temporarily for their events, while others may manage a facility and do permanent installation. Additionally, commercial and industrial applications are possible such as inventory management, store routing, paging, and dispatch.

IoT Design Shop can design and deploy a fully customized solution for your event or facility to maximize value.