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The shape of things to come

The physical form factor of a connected thing is critical, and takes a ton of iteration. We have great creative minds and experienced designers waiting to help. We speak wearables, sensors, and practical devices all day long.


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The "smart" in smart devices

Advanced microcontroller and sensor technology is fueling the explosion of the IoT market. But, it's not trivial. We design circuits and sensor integrations and then develop code for the microcontrollers that power them.


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Handheld supercomputing

A smart device's best friends are the smartphone and tablet. These handheld marvels enable another layer of computation altogether, connecting our devices to the cloud and providing amazing ways to visualize the metrics of our lives.


3D Printing Icon


Try before you buy

Hand in hand with the design team comes our ability to 3D print prototypes of your design. Our state of-the-art Makerbot 2X lets us print ABS plastic prototypes which look and feel like the real thing.


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Data, data, everywhere

With billions of smart devices expected to come online, there's only one place to put the data - the cloud. Our expert cloud developers can deploy the systems needed to wrangle this unprecedented stream of information.


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How much is this going to cost?

Sounds great, but how does budget, time, and resourcing fit into this? After all, somebody's got to keep an eye on the fun. Our business team can help you scope, plan, and track your project to a successful completion.


Our Services Philosophy

Seamless integration between form and function is critical to the success of a connected device. We employ experts from an array of disciplines who bring their skills to the design process, but that's not the end of the story.

Our team is passionate about the connected future, and active users of a variety of devices as well. This common-sense merger of expertise and hands-on experience brings us a unique focus on user empathy. We strive to make not only the most interesting and unique devices, but also, the most usable devices as well.

We measure a successful device deployment not just by the utility of the device, but by our ability to visualize a successful ecosystem that can support the device and build value for the end user. Context, connection, and contribution bring this value and let our devices enrich people's lives.

Our parent company, Finger Food Studios has been developing mobile Apps and the Cloud Services that power them since 2009. With hundreds of successful development projects and App submissions behind the company, the common-sense, get-to-market process and expertise is an ideal foundation for IoT Design Shop.

However, hardware and device design present their own set of unique challenges for usability, production, quality assurance, and product marketing. We've augmented our team with some of the best and brightest hardware engineers and functional designers in the business.

Questions? Comments? If there's anything you want to know more about, contact us today, and ask!