Our Management Team

Trent Shumay B.Sc - President/CTO

Trent was the founder of Finger Food Studios in 2009, and is a lifetime tinkerer, inventor and hardware and software hacker. A veteran low-level C software developer, Trent finds the Internet of Things to be a refreshing renaissance to his roots on machines ranging back to the 1980's. Today, he heads the technical and process areas of the IoT Design Shop bringing decades of development, design, and system architecture experience to the company.

Steven Pridie P.Eng - Electrical Engineering

Steven is a distinguished Electrical Engineer with extensive experience in hardware design, debugging, and deployment. Previously, he has worked with numerous semiconductor applications, most recently on sub sea technology. His attention to detail and understanding of real world hardware deployment and the development process is second to none. He brings this focus to bear on our development activities at IoT Design Shop.

Graham Cunliffe P.Eng - Business Development

Graham is a registered Professional Engineer with experience in business development, product development and project management. He graduated from UBC in 2006 and has experience in a broad range of business environments, having worked for software startups, medium-sized product companies and international giants.